£100 prepaid Mastercard and free activation are back on BT's best broadband deal

With the likes of Vodafone reducing its broadband deals to incredible lows, BT is responding this week with its own perks to try and get you to sign up to one of the provider's broadband packages.

Most notably, it's given a boost to its so-called Reward Card – a prepaid Mastercard that you can spend anywhere online or in store where they're accepted. It's back up to £100 when you take out BT's best value broadband plan, and up to £110 if you go for the supercharged Superfast Fibre 2.

What's more, BT is eliminating its activation fee on fibre broadband as well. So the only thing you now have to pay upfront is £9.99 to cover delivery of the router. It's these kinds of offers -together with BT's famous reputation – that keep making BT the most popular broadband provider in the UK.

There's more details about the current crop of BT broadband deals below, but it's worth noting that the company says this offer will come to an end on Monday, September 24. So you won't want to think about it for too long.

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